Seri DeYoung is an actress and director in Los Angeles and is often spotted on both sides of the camera. She is currently cast in recurring roles on Freeform’s Good Trouble and S.W.A.T on CBS. Her other credits include roles on Amazon’s Forever and Jean-Claude Van Johnson, Breaking Bad, Code Black, and most recently Hulu’s Into The Dark.

The films she has directed have been screened at festivals domestically and abroad, winning “best screenplay” for her film In Touch and “best short” and “audience award” for Still Life, which received distribution with ShortsTV. Seri is currently directing a feature length documentary, The Protocol, and is in post-production on narrative project Throw Like A Girl, a concept piece for a feature film. A theme that runs through Seri’s directed films is female coming-of-age and the importance of having a role model. 

Seri currently resides in Los Angeles with her cat, Mr.Holbrook.